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Wichita has superb links to the rest of the nation.

Wichita is located approximately 170 miles south-southeast of the geographic center of the Continental U.S., and approximately 370 miles west of the geodesic center of the U.S. (Center of Population.) This central location is ideal for businesses serving national as well as regional markets. Companies involved in international trade benefit from the Sedgwick County Foreign Trade Zone and Kansas Global Trade Services.

Highways and Motor Freight

Wichita is located directly on Interstate I-35, the only Midwest interstate corridor in North America connecting Canada, the U.S. and Mexico. Interstate 35 connects with major east-west interstate I-70 via I-135 about 90 miles to the north and with I-40 about 150 miles to the south. Wichita is a major trucking hub due to its high concentration of manufacturing and role as a regional marketing center. In 2018, the Kansas state highway system was ranked as the nation’s second best in overall highway performance and efficiency in a report released by the Reason Foundation.

Sixteen national and regional interstate common carriers have local terminal facilities. Due to Wichita’s proximity to major markets and multitude of carriers, transit times and shipping rates are very competitive. Kansas motor carrier regulations mirror most federal guidelines.

Air Service

Wichita's Dwight D. Eisenhower National Airport recently ranked 4th best small hub airport in the United States. Eisenhower National is located in southwest Wichita approximately six miles (12 minutes) from downtown via four-lane limited access highway. The largest commercial and general aviation complex in Kansas, the 3,500 acre facility has three runways (10,300 feet / 7,300 ft. / 6,300 ft.). It accommodates all aircraft and has the latest innovations in passenger convenience and safety. Industrial areas host companies such as Cessna Aircraft and Bombardier Aerospace Learjet. Customs Service offices and a Postal Service General Mail Facility are also located at the airport. In June 2011 the Wichita City Council approved construction of an entirely new $200 million, 273,000 square foot 12-gate terminal, parking garage and rental car facility at Eisenhower National Airport. Construction began Oct. 9, 2012 and the new terminal opened in June 2015.

Eisenhower National Airport currently has non-stop service to 13 major cities via 7 carriers providing 35 arrivals/departures daily. All of Wichita's top 100 destinations have either non-stop or one-stop service. The closest international hub airports are Dallas, Denver, Chicago, Atlanta, Houston, Las Vegas and Minneapolis. Wichita has non-stop service to all of these international gateways. Eisenhower National Airport served more than 1.6 million passengers in 2017.

Eisenhower Airport is served by two quality low-fare airlines: Southwest Airlines and Alaska Airlines, and one ultra-low-cost airline, Allegiant Air. The presence of these carriers has dramatically lowered fares.

Overnight air cargo service is provided by major carriers including Federal Express, UPS Supply Chain Solutions, DHL and UPS. Eisenhower Airport has state-of-the-art cargo facilities with main deck loaders capable of handling the largest freighter aircraft. Immediate proximity to the interstate highway system provides access to suppliers and markets. Eisenhower Airport handled more than 25,000 tons of air cargo in 2016.

Colonel James Jabara Airport is located in northeast Wichita. Jabara is a first rate corporate and general aviation reliever airport with a full service fixed base operation. T-hanger storage is available. Runway length is 6,100 feet.

Rail Service

Transit times to contiguous U.S. destinations range from 1 to 7 days. Given sufficient volume, dedicated trains can be scheduled that could save two days from the transit time to either coast. Reciprocal switching for smooth and efficient rail traffic is provided by Wichita Terminal Association Railroad. Public truck-rail crossdock facilities are available. Nearest truck-rail intermodal service: Kansas City (200 miles.) Wichita is served by three carriers:

Water Transportation

Wichita has access to the U.S. Inland Waterway System via interstate highway and rail.

  • Port of Kansas City - Located 200 miles northeast of Wichita. Access to the Mississippi River system via the Missouri River.
  • Tulsa Port of Catoosa - Located 170 miles southeast of Wichita. Access to the Mississippi River system via the Arkansas River.


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Dallas364 586
Kansas City197317
Los Angeles1,4902,399
Minneapolis636 1,024
New York1,3952,245
Oklahoma City161 259
Omaha308 496
Philadelphia1,337 2,152
Phoenix1,057 1,701
St. Louis445 716