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Marketing Events

The Partnership continues to look for opportunities to tell top business leaders and site selectors about the many advantages of locating businesses in Greater Wichita.  From participating in some of the world's largest industry events in our key target sectors to sit down meetings with industry executives and site selectors, the Greater Wichita Partnership continually markets the business case to locate in our region.

There are opportunities for organizations and companies to participate at many of these events with the Partnership at a fraction of the cost of marketing alone.  Contact us to review our upcoming marketing calendar to see if there are events that would benefit you to attend.

BREG Healthcare Innovation Forum a huge success

This first-time event attracted 150 regional doctors, biomedical engineers, entrepreneurs, and other diverse minds from healthcare and general business sectors.  The agenda boasted 28 speakers who led participants through a day of innovative possibilities aimed at building our regional healthcare ecosystem. Speakers shared insight into the healthcare application of Wichita State’s NIAR and upcoming offerings of their Innovation Campus, had local entrepreneurs showcasing their latest healthcare-related products, and highlighted success stories from communities who have successfully evolved their own healthcare ecosystems. Speaker presentations and a video recap from the day will be released in the coming weeks. Following the event, the Healthcare Industry Sector is now outlining next steps.

The event was made possible by the Medical Society of Sedgwick County and the Kansas Health Foundation.

Blueprint for Regional Economic Growth Announces Event to Cultivate Healthcare Ecosystem

The Blueprint for Regional Economic Growth (BREG) announced its upcoming Healthcare Innovation Forum today. The event, scheduled for Wednesday, June 1, 2016, will look at ways to expand our regional healthcare industry by focusing on the entrepreneurial and innovative activity within the fields of medicine and healthcare.

“To significantly strengthen our health innovation ecosystem, we must take advantage of our university-based research and Wichita's long history of entrepreneurial risk-taking,” stated Bob Litan, Adjunct Senior Fellow of the Council on Foreign Relations and one of the lead planners of the event. “This Healthcare Innovation Forum is designed to stimulate thinkers and doers in this city to help and expand on these efforts.”

Participants will hear unique points of view from top industry speakers along with presentations from entrepreneurs showcasing new discoveries and opportunities that could change the healthcare landscape. They will then engage in a dynamic discussion of what our region can do next to cultivate our current healthcare ecosystem.

“We have planned a day of stimulating presentations and discussions that not only highlight the healthcare assets and activities we have presently within our region, but also gives us the opportunity to learn from leaders and entrepreneurs from around the country who have created a vibrant culture of innovation and entrepreneurialism specifically within healthcare,” said Jon Rosell, Executive Director of the Medical Society of Sedgwick County and Co-Chair of BREG’s Healthcare Industry Sector.

The Forum is hosted by the Healthcare Industry Sector of the BREG, a 10-county initiative to grow the regional economy, which is implemented by the Greater Wichita Partnership and volunteer business leaders.

The Healthcare Innovation Forum is sponsored by of the Kansas Health Foundation and the Medical Society of Sedgwick County.

“This conference showcases how strong volunteer leadership of BREG is creating meaningful collisions that will accelerate our regional growth,” stated Craig Bay, Director of Special Projects over BREG. “Collectively we look forward to the outcomes of this event that will advance the environment where industries can succeed.”

For more information and to register for this free conference, visit www.HealthcareInnovationForum.com.