Let the Greater Wichita Partnership help you research the versatile Wichita workforce

The Wichita workforce continues to grow and diversify each year. The Partnership team can guide you to multiple resources which can help you find the workforce you are needing to grow your business.  Looking for data by industry sector?  Use the links below to guide you to the most current information in our key sectors.  Not finding what you're looking for?  Contact us, and we'll help identify the workforce data solutions you're looking for to grow your business.

Wichita is Winning the Talent War with Streaming Innovation

The Partnership has released a new study confirming that Wichita has highest concentration of STEM knowledge and skills among the  top 11 cities in the USA that are typically thought to be exceptional places for Advanced Manufacturing such as manufacturing aircraft.  It's the #1 U.S. market for manufacturing and technology skills.  

Working with Wichita State University and the research partners at the Center for Economic Development & Business Research (CEDBR), we have quantified the value of Wichita's workforce within two sets of measures:  their STEM-related knowledge base and their corresponding skill sets. Researchers used millions of data points to measure specific subsets of skills (technical design, programming, math, etc.) and knowledge (chemistry & biology, computers & electronics, management, etc.) employed in engineering, advanced manufacturing and technology fields. Results were compared in those same categories to peer metros across the nation. The study confirmed that Wichita's workforce offers a higher concentration of STEM knowledge and skills than any of the peer cities studied.

Vice President David Bossemeyer said, "Changing the language used to describe our workforce from occupations to skills and knowledge is a transformational and distinctive approach to workforce assessment. Other communities sell their workforce by summing up the number of people employed in specific occupations. We have moved to a completely new level of research that provides employers with information about the specific skills and knowledge our workforce possesses."

Businesses require skilled workers and these research results provide decision makers with information about the high concentrations of specific skills and knowledge in the Wichita workforce. Bossemeyer added, "We believe this is a real differentiator for Wichita's workforce and is another innovative way that Wichita is winning the talent war and encouraging new capital investment and job growth."

The next step is to identify those industries entering a fast growth cycle and that require exemplary skills to be successful.  The home run will be expanding recruiting new companies to Wichita because we can prove they will find what they need to be successful.